356 Booths

We are the first kent based company to launch the slow motion booth. We have so many clients say “this is brilliant, what a clever idea”. The slow motion booths were actually formed in America which is where we first saw it. We knew instantly we needed to introduce it to the south of England. The slow motion booth consists of a small film set (approx 9ft wide X 15ft in depth.) On the evening of the wedding event we set up for after the first dance and run it through until approx 23:30 depending on venue closing times. On the evening the couple and guests will be directed by a two person team. We film using slow motion cameras filming from 240-960frames per second while introducing lots of props that look epic in slow motion such as confetti, poppers, silly string etc. After each scene guests will be able to watch their footage back on the big screen, this has people in absolute hysterics!!

After the event we will send a memory stick presented in our bespoke packaging. The memory stick contains all clips from the evening and we also include an online music video for the couples to share on social media with your guests. On the evening guests get given a clip number and they can leave their email address so we can send clips direct to them or they can simply visit the gallery from the website and download from there.
We are currently working on an Instagram add on so we can send them the clip on the night as well.

365 booths was established in 2015 and has hit the market running and is already above target for next year. If you are looking for something different to entertain guests this is it. It’s fun, social and it gives something different to any event and WOW everyone attending!

365 Booths